Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Avery has officially started algebra, although he's been quite excited to discover that he's already been doing algebra, for years now, without even knowing it. Anyway, Life of Fred is still interesting and exciting, funny and smart, and the combination of LoF and the Key To... workbooks for practice in all the other stuff is working really, really well.
So, we're moving along.
So many things have been of schedule for us this year, with big sicknesses and lots of adventures, that we're sort of just hanging on the basics. No foreign language this year, the big intricate blocks planned for Nordic Myths, with great crafts and a beautiful lesson book- not happening. We've been reading the myths, retelling them at bedsides and in between hospital visits, but that's about it. We're just starting Pilgrims right now, and all of the science stuff I'd planned that wasn't in a kit, all the real meaty good stuff (zoology and anatomy) we've barely scratched the surface. Avery's learned to ski, cross country and downhill, and rock climbing at a gym an hour away every week. This school year has been lots of work Avery can do on his own or nearly so- the Thames and Kosmos history of science kit has been wonderful, even the Home Science Adventures kits have been fun and good, and the boys have been working those together. None of those things are out of the realm of what I could and have in the past put together, but sometimes you just need to be able to open a box and have everything ready to go. And sometimes you just have to be okay with it. They're having fun, they're getting outside, they're reading and playing and learning and doing and that's pretty good.
And pretty good is sometimes, just sometimes, good enough.