Monday, July 20, 2009

The Human Body

Anatomy, Health, and Safety

Week 1- Cells

NOVA movie- Lab Meat

Biology4Kids- Cells Cell Parts and Functions Movie

Science Online Game

Cells Are Us online book

Virtual Cell

The Human Body (THB) Hormones, Growth, and Development p 49-51

The Way We Work (TWWW) p 50-55

Wonders of Science The Human Body (WOSTHB) Unit 1-What Are Bodies Made Of?

Week 2- DNA

NOVA Create DNA Fingerprint & Solve a Crime

DNA to Protein Interactive Zoom in to DNA

Bones & Skeleton Game Book (B&S) p 81

THB p 47-48

TWWW p 32-35

Week 3- Genes

NOVA Epigenetics Movie

Discovery Education Life Cycles Movie

American Museum of Natural History genetics activities Gene Games

Only Human (OH) p29-37
THB Hormones, Growth, and Development p 47-48
B&S p 78-79

Weeks 4 & 5- Skeleton & Bones
Bones Movie
Bones & Broken Bones Movie
Label the Bones Print
Bone Games
Dragonfly TV Bone Regrowth
Muscles & Bones Lessons
WOSTHB p 12-21, 66-69
THB p 31-35
TWWW p 254-259, 267-289
B&S p 10-16
The House We Live In pdf book (THWLI) p 7-17/58, 23-28/58

Weeks 6 & 7- Muscles
Newton's Apple Knuckle Crack Video
Muscles & Bones Lessons
Kids Health Muscles
THB p 35-36
TWWW p 261-265
B&S p 18-22
WOSTHB p 32-39, 74
THWLI p 29-32/58

Weeks 8-9- First Aid

A Sigh of Relief first aid book

Grossology p 12, 42

WOSTHB p 114-124

Weeks 10 &11- Brain & Nervous System

Brain & Nervous Sytem Movie

Newton's Apple Brain Movie

Label the brain -Ectomy printable brain parts game
NOVA Sleep video
Make NS Models
Reflex Experiments
THB Nervous System p 3-9, 12-14
TWWW p 150-165, 188-207
B&S p 56-58
WOSTHB p 40-43, 75, 82
THWLI p17-20/58, 51-58/58

Week 12- Sight
The Miracle Worker/ Helen Keller
Louis Braille
Vision Experiments
Vision packet
Vision Experiment
Depth Perception
Optical Illusions
Braille Translator
THB p 10
TWWW p 174-187
B&S p 46-50, 86
WOSTHB p 88-89
THWLI p 20-21/58

Week 13- Hearing
Newton's Apple Hearing
PBS Movie- Through Deaf Eyes
Hearing Experiments
Mr. Holland's Opus
Ear Drum Experiment
Sound and Fury DVD
Grossology p 32
B&S p 42-44
THB p 10
TWWW p 166-173
WOSTHB p 86-87
THWLI p 21-22/58

Week 14- Touch/Skin
Newton's Apple Wrinkling Skin Video
Touch Lesson Plan
Touch Experiments
Grossology p 10, 34, 38, 46
THB Nervous System p 11
TWWW 219-224, 246-247
B&S p 36-37, p 40
WOSTHB p 90-91
THWLI p 33-36/58

Week 15- Smell
Newton's Apple Taste & Smell
UW Smell Lesson Plans
Kids Health
THB Nervous System p 9
TWWW p 102-103
B&S p 51-53

Week 16- Taste Taste Experiments
Kids Health
B&S p 54
THB Nervous System p 11
TWWW p 104-105
WOSTHB p 84-85
THWLI p 22-23/58

Week 17-18- Digestive System
Digestive System Movie
Newton's Apple The Liver
Urinary System Movie
Grossology p 8, 14, 16, 22, 24, 26, 30, 36, 40
THB Digestive System p 23-30
TWWW p 111-147
B&S p 62-64, 68-69
WOSTHB p 50-59, 76-81
THWLI p 45-50/58

Week 19- Teeth and Oral Health
Magic School Bus Teeth
Oral Health Lesson Plan
Tooth Care
Kids Health
Grossology p 44, 50
THB Musculoskeletal p 34
TWWW p 106-107
B&S p 65-67

Weeks 20 & 21- Nutrition
Nutrition Tracker
Monster Nutrition Game
My Pyramid Blast Off Game
Fueled For Fun Game
Nutrition Café Games
Food & Fitness Lesson Plans
WOSTHB p 98-101

Weeks 22-25- Immune System
NOVA Pandemic Flu Video
NOVA 1918 Flu Video
Immune System Movie
Newton's Apple Antibiotics
Types of immune Cells
Grossology p 20
THB Immune System p 37-44
TWWW p 224-2553
B&S p 82-83
WOSTHB p 102-105

Week 26- Respiratory System

Kids Health Asthma movie
Newton's Apple Asthma
Grossology p 48
THB Respiratory system 21-22
TWWW p57-69, 92-94
WOSTHB p 44-49, 72-73, 92-97
THWLI p 4/58, 41-45/58

Week 27- Circulatory System
Newton's Apple Heart Attack Video
Heart & Circulatory System Video
THB Circulatory System p 15-19
TWWW p 76-91
WOSTHB p 22-31, 70-71
THWLI p 4-6/58, 36-41/58

Week 28- Blood
Newton's Apple Blood Typing Video
Bloody Bits
Blood Drop Games
Kids Health
Grossology p 18
THB p 19-20
TWWW p 69-75

Week 29- Hormones, Growth, Development Endocrine System Movie Newton's Apple Diabetes Video
Hair Hygrometer Experiment
B&S p 38-39, 84-85
THB Hormones, Growth, and Development p 45-46
TWWW p 207-217

Week 30- Reproduction
THB Hormones, Growth, and Reproduction p 52-54
TWWW p 290-318
WOSTHB p 60-65

Week 31- Safety- Drugs
Newton's Nicotine
Just Think Twice (for older kids, parents)
Grade Level pdf books (g5)
Discovery Ed video
WOSTHB p 106-113

Week 32- Safety- Fire
Fire Prevention
USFA games
Plan trip to fire station

Week 33- Safety- Touch/Strangers
McGruff Safety Info
Plan visit/trip to police station

Week 34- Safety-Internet
Internet Safety
Internet Safety g4

Week 35- Survival
Survival Preparedness Natural Disasters

Week 36- Wilderness Survival
Newton's Apple Arctic Survival
Wilderness Survival Lesson Plan
15 survival videos

Special thanks for the wonderful resources at Guest Hollow. They have a great 4-day a week Elementary Anatomy lesson plan, with book pages, games, worksheets, movies, everything all laid out. I pretty much copied their curriculum plan, then substituted the books we already had, added in some different online resources, and tweaked the schedule and subjects just a bit. I will be working on curriculum as we go, of course- adding in library books and resources as they fit, and deciding on exactly which games, etc. we'll use.

But this is our plan- not Waldorfy, not taught in blocks, Health/Anatomy will be a one day a week extra lesson this coming year.


  1. Can I sign my child up for your college level class? Boy oh boy! You will have one educated child when you are finished homeschooling. Pat yourself on the back. You are doing one GREAT job!

    Oh and this is me, not Serenity, btw. :)


  2. Ha!
    This is all part of my plan not to overload my poor kid so much! Our talk about plans today-- it's to keep me from doing enough but not TOO much. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.... ;-)