Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Here

We're here. Plodding along. Well, maybe not so much plodding, as racing along, in between breaks of every kind imaginable. I think there's been ONE week since the start of school where we've had a full, normal week, without vacations, illnesses, field trips, floodings, computers dying with all the school plans on them (why oh why don't I learn to back things up?) or catastrophes of one kind or another.

And still- though I feel like so many things are falling through the cracks- we're making progress. Learning is happening. We're not stuck to a school calendar (Oh! Imagine all those abscences!) with mountains of busy work to make up. We're a little pared down, but here we are.

Avery finished Life of Fred Fractions today, and Key to Geometry 1 yesterday (Because we're homeschoolers math can look like that- fractions, geometry, algebra, calculus all at once). He's done four of the lessons in Writing Strands 3, and a bunch of grammar work. He's doing some embroidery work for the baby. History of US is great, and he's been poring over the National Geographic Exploration Experience. Love those old maps!

There's more, but it's all unschooly- child directed stuff, and isn't getting anything crossed off on MY plan for the year. Why is it hard for me to count that mountain of learning as "school"? Is it just because I'm not in charge of it?

Miles is busy writing all day long, taping little pieces of paper all over the house with funny little notes written on them. He's beyond pleased when he writes something that sounds like a real word, but sometimes gets the funniest look on his face, like "Hmmm. I wonder why I wrote that. What does DOT TAP NAP really mean?"

I am also searching for these answers. That and "I AM APPI LAM 7".

I'm not sure if it counts as preschool, but it's more fun than worksheets. And so, we hop and skip along. Merry, merry homeschool!

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