Friday, September 3, 2010

Fifth Grade Curriculum & Syllabus

one folk song, one hymn, one multi-verse poem to memorize over the month, 1-2 Spanish language rhymes or songs, at least two different kinds of movement skills (jumping, balancing, footwork, catching, etc.), mix of sitting and standing, moving and still, finger verses and whole body movement.
Language Arts

spelling- We're using Spelling Demons because it's a year long overview of all the spelling rules, which is just what Avery needs.
composition- I've got Writing Strands 3 & 4 for inspiration.
copy work
Social Studies
ancient world history- History Odyssey, A Child's History of the World (Avery reads to Miles), The Story of Mankind (lovely!), lots of books and crafts and projects!
world geography- Trail Guide to World Geography
month long country study- culminating in a supper with another family, celebrating the food and culture of the country we've been studying, and a chance for the children to present their projects before a (small) crowd
community study- monthly service project, monthly field trip, current events & history
puzzlers/logic/diagramming/paper folding/etc.- daily
math lab- weekly- Calculus by and for Young People, the Book of Think, The I Hate Mathematics Book, PI in the Sky, etc.
algebra- 4 times weekly- Life of Fred Algebra (beginning review 3-4 mo, advanced for the rest of the year)
math practice- 2 times weekly- Key To workbooks, etc.
botany- ecosystems, medicinal herbs, plant life
chemistry- Thames and Kosmos Chemc1000 kit
general science- weekly- read/research various topics, write review/synopsis
nature- weekly- nature observation/collection/drawing
hand bells
music appreciation- Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi
art appreciation
form drawing
technique- Artistic Pursuits Level 2, Book 1, watercolor incorporated in history/other lessons
embroidery, knitting, sewing, woodwork, modeling
health-nutrition, diseases, first aid, survival, hygiene
gymnastics, rock climbing, skiing
general PE skills- Physical Fitness for the Homeschool Family
Foreign Language
Spanish- La Clase Divertida 1 (again, for Miles' sake)

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  1. We combine different styles of homeschooling and I am putting up some info on what we are doing over at You might be interested in some of the links for ancient civ.'s.