Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home School Organizing

I posted a bunch of files on hslaunch. They're free, and easy to download! Plus there's tons more stuff available there, from other homeschoolers.
My Country Study Statistics Chart for middle and high schoolers.
Here's the 2 page per week lesson planning template I made.
This is the Character Training curriculum I wrote.
The character trait cards to go along with.
Here is a set of little cards to print out with different good manners to practice.
The lyrics to all of the monthly hymns, folk songs, and spanish language songs we'll be using for morning circle this year.
Our morning board days of the week in English and Spanish, with space for recording the weather.
And the weather cards to go along with the days of the week, and for matching games.
Avery's 52 week temperature chart, for keeping track of weekly average highs, lows, historical average temps in our town.
Check it out!

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