Thursday, September 3, 2009

Form Drawing 4.1

Here is our first form of the fourth year.
Avery has resisted writing, form drawing, especially the symmetrical and crossing-line forms. With this in mind I started this year easy, with a very simple image of a traveler, a wanderer, a hunter, walking to the north, east, west, south, coming up behind his prey, circling, continuing on. This simple story fits well with the rest of our work- we are studying US History this year, starting this week with Beringia the land-bridge, and the Inuit.
He liked it, and actually spent a long time working on it, getting it right on the chalkboard, then in his lesson book, even adding smaller and bigger versions of the hunter's path, in different colors, overlapping, and coloring it all in. It looks great, and most important, he was proud of his work and happy with the result.
Resounding success!


  1. I am so glad that I have found your blog. As a homeschooling family, seeing what others are doing is really helpful.

  2. I agree- seeing the details of what other people are doing inspires and helps me, too. Even with real life friends, being able to see their blog and see what works and doesn't is nice!