Friday, September 25, 2009

Weather Tree

We've done weather trees before, but this one was inspired by Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton, and Marije Rowling's book "All Year Round" which is chock-full of verses, recipes, craft ideas and games. I drew the tree on bigger paper, though- 18x24", and I discarded their suggestion of different leaf colors for different types of weather, and stuck with temperatures instead. Because we live in a place without weather. Seriously. It is sunny nearly every day. I thought temperatures would show the transitions of the year better- we'll see. In any case, the boys like it, and keep careful track of whose turn it is to color in the leaves. Miles, after being excluded for making some little angry scribbles, now takes great care and even colors inside the lines of the tiny leaves!


  1. So awesome, I love this treasure, thanx for reminding me of it's existence!

  2. Oh, sure, no problem! I turn to that book all the time, definitely a favorite!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed you made your own! We did this in 2008 but we just copied it out of the book. I love that you've incorporated more weather options and colours.