Thursday, August 6, 2009

Construction 4: Almost Done!

Avery's third grade culminating project- build a structure- is nearly done. He's done every aspect of the construction, from drawing to sawing, measuring to tightening screws.

Our wonderful friend Bob took this project on himself- perhaps Avery's parents were moving too slowly?- from showing up with a truckload of posts and a post hole digger, to buying supplies and making sure Avery learns each step. It's been a tremendous blessing, for I'm sure if it were left up to us, we'd still be in the making excuses for not starting the project phase. Having a friend with the time and generosity to make sure this project happens has been wonderful.

Here's the last little bit they need to finish- the railings in the one back section, and trap door. But they can play up there, now. I think we'll attach the rope ladder for now.

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