Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What We're Not Doing

In the interest of cutting out the stressful and unnecessary, the complicating factors of our busy life, and making our school days a simple, easy rhythm, here are the things we're cutting out:
Homeschool Gym & Swim- too much time trying to keep two little ones still and at my side. Instead we will have weekly hikes, weekly gymnastics (Avery and Miles can both go to the homeschool class), and drop-in on the homeschool swim sessions- I think they are still Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-3, and again, both boys will be able to go. There's a possibility that there will be a little kickball league organized too, which would be wonderful. Soccer in the fall and spring, and skiing this winter, no matter what! I'm determined.
Spanish- The Papa and I would like to get Rosetta Stone for all of us to work with, but it is just too expensive right now. Maybe this winter, probably not til tax return time. I was having a really hard time with this decision, but I'm actually okay about it now. This will give us some time to really work on Latin, with the Lively Latin program we bought last year and let fall by the wayside. And a good long break from Spanish will be fine with Avery, who was more than a little tired of trying to slog it out alone. Then when we do get Rosetta Stone we'll all be doing it together, which will be better for everyone.
Taking phone calls in the morning. No matter what. Unless it's an emergency. And you call twice!
Separate cooking lessons. Avery and Miles both like to help, and both are interested in cooking. But adding in a special cooking "class" means it never happens. So no more- they'll just help with the regular cooking times, I'll make an effort to plan in foods correspondent to our studies, and it'll be fine. Better than fine. It'll be doable.

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