Monday, August 10, 2009

Main Lesson Schedule Fourth Grade

Man and Animal
1)Head, torso, limbs
2)Head Animals-Octopus
Vacation- 1 Week
3)Torso Animals-Mouse
4)Head, heart, hands/eagle, lion, bull
Norse Mythology
1)12 Gods of Asgard, the runes (woodburn tablet?)
2)12 Gods (nordic patterns/celtic knots)
3)Adventures of the Gods
4)Aesir, the end of Asgard
Zoology 1
Mammals- 2 Weeks
Mollusks- 2 Weeks (1 short- Thanksgiving week)
Nordic Tales- 3 Weeks
Winter Holiday- 2 Weeks
Vikings- 3 Weeks
Zoology 2
Reptiles- 2 Weeks
Amphibians- 2 Weeks
Poetry- 4 Weeks
Spring Break- 1 Week
Zoology 3
Insects- 2 Weeks
Spiders- 2 Weeks
1)How Grendel the Ogre Warred with the Dane Folk
How Beowulf the Goth came to Daneland
2)Beowulf telleth how he warred with the seafolk
How Beowulf overcame Grendel the Ogre
How the Water Witch warred with the Danefolk
3)How Beowulf overcame the Water-Witch
How Beowulf returned to his own land
4)How the fire dragon warred with the Goth folk
How Beowulf overcame the dragon
Beowulf's last rest
Zoology 4
Fish- 2 Weeks
Birds- 2 Weeks


  1. alisha,

    help!! i look at your schedule, man & animal lesson block plans & realize that i am, once again, trying to cram too much in.

  2. It's hard- I'm working really hard this year at not cramming too much in.
    I am especially working at keeping the main lessons simple, not bogged down with lots of work, but just good stories and simple, beautiful crafts, useful or interesting projects, simple main lesson book work. In the past I've piled on so much reading/storytelling on my part, and writing and drawing on his part, that we get so bogged down in work we don't have time for fun.
    Balance is my word this year. Er... and breathe!
    Balance and breathe, repeat.