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US History

This will be a daily lesson for us this year. We will be using Joy Hakim's A History of US as our spine, with various other books, both fiction and non-fiction, added in as we go.
I'll also be adding in links, books, plans, and the actual lessons we do.

Weeks 1-6 Indigenous Peoples
The Indian How Book
Between Earth and Sky by Joseph Bruchac and Thomas Locker
Read A History of US Book 1 pgs 9-23.
A History of US Book 1 pgs 24-28.
Stickeen the Story of a Dog by John Muir
Smithsonian Education Eskimo Collection
Smithsonian Education 3 Eskimo Lessons
Museum of Man Inuit Lesson Plan
Caribou Girl by Claire Russell Murphy
The Inuit Thought of It by Alootook Ipellie

Dogsong by Gary Paulsen
2)Pacific Northwest
A History of US Book 1 pgs 33-41
Raven: A Trickster Tale From the Pacific Northwest
Map of NW Coastal Tribes
Totem Poles and Tattoos Lesson Plan
NW Coast Longhouse and totem pole model
The Rain Game (circle time?)
Basket Weaving video and lesson
3)Great Plains
A History of US Book 1 pgs 42-49
Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868 by Michael Terry
Knife River Lesson Plan (1&2)
Ojibwa Art Project
Importance of the Buffalo
Great Plains Tipi Model
4)Southwest and Southeast
A History of US Book 1 pgs 29-32
Thinkquest 2000 Navajo information
PBS Navajo Story "Five Sacred Medicines" collect and burn sage
Navajo Thunderbird crossstitch pattern
Orchard School SW Indians Information
Seminole Tribe Website
Seminole Patchwork
A History of US, Book 1 pgs 52-59
Iroquois Oral Traditions
An Algonquin Year by Michael McCurdy
New York State Museum Iroquois longhouses, village life
Iroquois Longhouse Model
Hiawatha by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow
America First Building a Canoe
6)Aztec, Inca
A History of US Book 1 pgs 107-110
The Aztecs
Mexicolore Aztec Resources
National Geographic Inca Lesson Plan
NOVA Suspension Bridge Activity
Llama Sounds

Weeks 7-12 Explorers
National Geographic Exploration Experience
Smithsonian Education To The Ends of The Earth and Beyond
Explorers Tombstones Wrap-up Project (not planned this year, but cute)
Our wrap-up project will be an Explorer's Travel Pillow: I'll transfer a map of the world onto fabric, and Avery can stitch the different explorers' paths in different colors, and at the end of the unit we will stuff it and make a pillow perfect for his own explorations!
Vikings- study during "Viking" block lesson

7) Marco Polo to Columbus
A History of US Book 1 pgs 66-86
National Geographic Exploration Experience (NGEE)p4-5
Marco Polo
National Geographic Xpeditions Lesson
Make a Compass
Vasco de Gama
NGEE p8-9
Columbus lesson plan
NGEE p6-7
The Columbian Exchange Rhyme
The Columbian Exchange Worksheet
8) Cabot to Balboa
A History of US Book 1 pg 86-87
John Cabot 1497
Matthew of Bristol Cabot's ship reproduction website
NGEE p 14-15
Pedro Alvarez Cabral 1500
NGEE p 8-9
Amerigo Vespucci 1502
A History of Us Book 1 pgs 93-96
Juan Ponce De Leon 1513
A History of US Book 1 pgs 111-112
NGEE p 10-11
Vasco Nunez Balboa 1513
NGEE p 12-13
9) Cortez to Cartier
PBS Cortez and the Aztecs Lesson Plan 1519
A History of US Book 1 pgs 97-106
NGEE p 10-11
Ferdinand Magellan 1521
A History of Us Book 1 pgs 88-92
NGEE p 8-9
PBS Cabeza de Vaca and the Exploration of North America Lesson Plan 1528
A History of US Book 1 pgs 116-119
NGEE p 10-11
PBS Pizarro and the Incas Lesson Plan 1531
A History of Us Book 1 pgs 112-115
NGEE p12-13
Jacques Cartier 1534
NGEE p10-11
Historica Minute Lesson Plan
10) De Soto to Drake
Hernando de Soto 1539
A History of Us Book 1 pgs125-128
NGEE p 10-11
Juan Vasquez de Coronado1540
A History of US Book 1 pgs 120-123
NGEE p 10-11
PBS Orellana and the Amazon Lesson Plan 1541
NGEE p 12-13
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo1542
Sir Francis Drake 1577
NGEE p 8-9
A History of US Book 1 pgs 162-163
11) Champlain to Hudson & Review
Juan de Onate 1598
A History of US Book 1 pgs 129-130
Samuel de Champlain 1599
NGEE p 10-11
Henry Hudson 1607
NGEE p 14-15

Weeks 13-18 The Colonies
13) The Earliest Colonies
The Huguenots & Charlesport 1562
A History of US Book 1 pgs 140-143
St. Augustine1565
A History of US Book 1 pgs 144-146
Quebec 1608
A History of US Book 1 pgs 147-149
Sir Walter Raleigh 1584
A History of US Book 1 pgs 154-161; 164-166
Smithsonian Education Pigs, Weeds, and Other Players
Library of Congress Tinker, Tailor, Farmer, Sailor 3 Lessons about the 3 Colonial regions
14) New England
Mayflower Website
Thunder From The Clear Sky by Marcia Sewall
15) Middle Colonies
You be the Historian Lesson Plan Delaware Colony
16) Southern Colonies
Jamestown Interactive
17) Major Events- Witch Trial, etc.
The Antimonian Controversy
18) Major Events- French and Indian War

Weeks 19-22Independence
Movie: 1776
19) A Growing Movement
Smithsonian Education Revolutionary Money and Money Pictures Telling Stories
We The People History Lesson
Betsy Ross Flag Lesson
PBS American Flag Lesson
20) Revolutionary War
Boston Tea Party Poem
21) A New Country
Dicovery Education Characteristics of Leaders
Movie: Ben and Me
22) The Constitution
Make and Write with a Feather Quill

Weeks 23-30 Manifest Destiny
NGEE p 18-19
23) Lewis & Clark
NGEE p 16-17
PBS Inside the Corps
PBS Lewis & Clark Resources
Smithsonian Education Establishing Borders Lesson 1
Smithsonian Education Lewis & Clark Animal Encounters
Smithsonian Education Mapping the Unmapped
National Geographic Lewis & Clark Diorama Lesson Plan

24) War of 1812
25) Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears Lesson Plan 4 Days
Original Source Lesson Plan Trail of Tears
26) Technological Wonders
Smithsonian Education The Camera 1846 Lesson Plan
Smithsonian Educaiton Home Sweet Home Lesson Plan
27) Texas Revolution
Smithsonian Education Establishing Borders Lesson 2
Cowboys and Brands Lesson
28) Oregon!
PBS Free Land Lesson Plan
Smithsonian Education Establishing Borders Lesson 3
Smithsonian Education Blacks in the Westward Movement
29) Gold
30) Handcart Pioneers
PBS Sweet Betsy from Pike Lesson Plan

Weeks 31- 36 To the Millennium

31) Slavery
PBS Slavery Lesson Plan
Original Source Lesson Plan
32) Civil War
Smithsonian Education The Face of War
movie: Abraham and Mary Lincoln- A House Divided
33) Civil War
Yale-New Haven Lesson Plan
What do You See? Civil War Through Photographs Lesson Plan
34) Reconstruction
35) Industrialization
PBS Political Cartoon Lesson Plan
The Chinese Must Go Lesson Plan
36) US-Spanish War to 1899
PBS Learning About Location- the George W. Elder
PBS Statue of Liberty Lesson Plan
Smithsonian Education Great Grandmother's Dress Lesson Plan
Philippines Lesson Plan
General Links:
Archaeolink Lesson Plans
Library of Congress America's Library
Baldwin Project America First:100 Stories From Our History
U Penn Digital Library This Country of Ours

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